About Us

Since 1996, we have been innovating new plans to further improve our niche which is the construction of horizontal structures-condominium boutiques that provide not only luxury but prestige

We are commited to pursue our goal of setting up a new business standards in the real estate industry, a standard that aims to advance low and medium-rise buildings and turn them into venues that will be able to accomodate a wide range of clientele. We cater to businesses, we cater to families.

We are versatile

Our core expertise lies in horizontal structures, We scrutinize every phase of the construction. Our condominium buildings are supported bu footings strong engough to hoild twice the building’s weight

With successful completion of our 4 storey Holy Angels Place and the progress of our adjacent 5 Storey St. Michael Square construction, both located in San Antonio Village Makati; Calamba, laguna; Carmona, Cavite; and a property in Tagaytay Area

We believe we can build lifetime relationships while we maximize service and profitability. We are consumed by the magnificent possibilities that will definitely happen because we are not jusy another realty company

We are Legaspi land.

Meet the Team

Every Legaspi Land property is a product of a strong creative-technical collaboration between five people whose passion is to create personal spaces. This collaboration is evident in every property that Legaspi Land develops.

There’s no acceptable compromise to dafety, premium quality and good taste. Every tool, every item or construction-design specific function utilized for every project shows this uncomprmising stand to create perfect personal spaces people would gladly and proudly own. This is also exactly what we at Legaspi Land feel with every property we complete.

Know more about the Legaspi Land Team. Better yet, get advice on what to look out for when you buy a property. Check out out team journal, read opinions and benefit from our years of experience.

Bobby P. Ocampo
Head Architect

line & form – Creating a lasting impression yet effectively blending in its given surroundings. Meet the man that makes all Legaspi Land properties into lasting landmarks

Carina Padol-Aviles
Architect/Interior Designer

Responsible for interior design and ambiance of all Legaspi land properties. Her creativity and unique understated elegance reflects the style of the lady behind Legaspi Land.

Joey A. Aviles
Architect/Project Manager

Timing spells the difference between a great idea & a structure. responsible for setting & meeting deadlines that determine the success of every Legaspi Land undertaking

There’s no acceptable compromise to safety, premium quality and good taste. Every tool, every item and design is specific to function that shows an uncompromising stand to create perfect personal spaces people would gladly and proudly own. This is also what we, at Legaspi Land feel in every property we complete.